Shikawa Nights

The Sumo Match

Year 1, Spring

Kumakira challenges the rival sumo school to a match, the loser having to vacate the city. Katashi Noboru is hired by the rival school to poison Kumakira, not to kill him, but to make him slow and weak for the match.

Kosuiko learns of the plot to undermine Kumakira’s match, as does Chudoku Pachinko, who has decided to bet heavily on Kumakira. The two conspire to help sabotage the rival school.

Katashi actually attempts to warn Kumakira that he is to be poisoned, as part of an attempted misdirection, but there is already bad blood between the two, and Kumakira ignores him. Later Chudoku also warns him.

In the end, Katashi does manage to poison Kumakira, but it does not prevent him from winning his match, and although the tournament is not a sweep, his school wins and the rival school is forced to leave the city, eventually being replaced by one that is more friendly in its rivalry toward’s Kumakira’s school.

Meanwhile, Fushigi, Tsukuda Raku, and Takumi are attempting to discover the remaining neko demons. They eventually trace them to a lair beneath Tsukuda’s shrine!

Together, they are able to bind and convince the neko demons/kami to cease plaguing the city and instead become more benevolent guardians of the things they once plundered.



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